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Still I remember you

Still I remember you………………
Memories never die

By Birister Sharma

 A romantic poetry

He loved her at first sight. She is everything for him. He gave up everything for her; even he is ready to do anything for her happiness. He waited and waited for her reply. Then the moment of happiness arrive in his life when she accepted her proposal. His life is completely changed. He can bring anything for her happiness. He is living and dying for her love. His life and his world are only with her love. He dreams for her. He lives for her. She is everything for him. He can’t live without her love. However, one day she ran away with somebody. He is death when he knows about her betrayal. He can’t understand anything. He wept. He questioned himself. WHY? WHY? His life shuttered. His world crumbled. He has no hope of his life. He is lying death. But he couldn’t forget her. Still he remembers her.

Extract from the book

Who are you?

Who are you?
It’s seems you’re in my dream.
It’s seems you’re in my reality.
Only you and I.
You’re in my eyes,
You’re in my thoughts.
Whenever somebody walks,
I felt like you.
Whenever somebody talks,
I felt like you.
As I approached there,
Nobody was there.
I’m looking for you everywhere,
But, you’re nowhere.
I don’t know who are you.


The rainy day

It was the rainy day,
When I saw your lovely face.
I didn’t know about you.
But I was caught in your love.
I followed you,
Even though, I felt shame.
You looked at me.
Your charming face entrapped me.
You already stole my heart,
I felt I was only for you in this birth.
Your sweet smile,
Shot into my heart like the falling raindrops,
Your elegant dress,
Arrested me in your heart.
Every drops of rain,
Fell in my heart like your loving chain.
It was like the blessing of rain god,
I met you on that rainy day.


You’re unmatchable

How can I praise your elegance?
O beauty queen!
I’ve no words in my vocabulary,
To express your charming looks.
I felt sorry for you,
Because, I couldn’t match you,
With anything in this universe.
You’re so beautiful,
Like a fairy,
Like an angel,
You’re so sweet as honey,
You’re so soft as snow fall,
You’re unmatchable in this entire world.


O dear, tell me!

You’re as bright as the sun,
You’re as pretty as the moon.
You’re as good as the gold.
You’re as sweet as the rose.
You’re as pure as the lotus.
You’re as cute as the child.
You’re as white as the snow.
You’re as soft as the cloud.
O dear! Tell me,
How couldn’t I fall in your love?


First meeting with you

On the day of my first meet,
You politely greeted me.
My heart is really melting.
I wish to give you everything.
I’m fumbled,
I’m confused.
What to say?
What not to say?
I’ve no idea,
Like the whole garden is a big media.
These blooming flowers are going to tell our love story,
These flying butterflies are going to recite our love meeting.
These singing birds are going to listen us silently.
These shady tress are going to watch us secretly.
I’m feeling shame,
I don’t know how could I ask your lovely name.


When I opened my eyes

When I opened my eyes,
I saw you.
When I closed my eyes,
I saw you.
I felt like your love is chasing me.
Your shadows of love are dancing around me.
I saw you here.
I saw you there.
I saw you everywhere.
I heard your voice in the room of my heart.
Your smiles echoed in the corner of my heart.
You appeared as the goddess of love.
I stunned when I saw your eternal looks.
I saw your face in the mirror.
I drew your portray in my heart.
I talked with myself.
I forgot myself.
I saw you in my dream.
I saw you in my reality.
Why did you play the game of hide and seek with me?
Why don’t you come to me?

Only you can fill it

I blow slowly towards you,
To touch you.
But, you didn’t feel my hands,
It’s my invisible love.
I silently played with your long hair,
But, you didn’t care.
I calmly kissed your lips,
But, you didn’t feel my lips.
I politely kissed your pink cheeks,
But, you didn’t feel my kiss.
I tenderly hugged you,
But, you didn’t know.
I secretly entered in your heart,
But, you didn’t know.
I blow around you,
But, you didn’t know about me.
It’s the mystery of my love,
There is no identity of my love.
Only you can feel it,
Only you can fill it.
I’m unknown to you,
But, you’re known to me.
Yes, it’s my true feeling.
Yes, it’s my true love.


Feel my love

How much I love you,
O dear!
Don’t ask me.
How much I care for you,
O dear!
You don’t understand me.
My love is as deep as ocean,
As wide, as sky,
As clear as light,
As pure as gold.
How could I express you?
O my dear!
Feel my love,
It’s only for you
Lying deep inside my heart.


My temple of love

You’re in my temple of love,
You’re the Goddess of love.
I’m your worshiper.
I pray with my true love,
I light the candles of love.
I offer you my garland of love.
I devoted my life for you,
My world is only with your love.
I’ve nothing to give you accept my love,
I can sacrifice my life,
To please you.
Believe me,
My love is pure,
You’re my idol of love.
I present you my heart,
Please accept my prayer of love,
Now, open up your eyes of love,
And fill my life with your beautiful love.


Love is a secret

Love is a secret,
It is a sacred.
Nobody can define it,
Difficult to understand it.
Fall in love is not a sin,
But, a sight of clean heart.
Love is everywhere,
Love is here,
Love is there.
Love is in you,
Love is in me.
No one can search it.
Just feel it,
In your heart,
In your breath.
Then, it’ll touch you,
It’ll love you.
You need to hold it,
You need to hug it.
Love gives life,
Life gives love.


In the season of spring

In the season of spring,
My heart swing.
It’s the season of love.
As it knocks around,
Its sweetness maddens my heart.
Wherever I glance my eyes,
I could see you.
Everything looks green and colourful.
The mother earth adorns you,
The blue sky smiles you,
The colourful clouds applaud you,
The falling raindrops shower with you,
The beautiful flower bloom with you,
The singing birds sing with you,
The green leaves dance with you,
The colourful butterflies fly around you,
The whistling breeze draws my heart towards you,
And binds my heart along with you.
It’s the season of your love,
You knock at my heart again and again.


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