Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Enlighten Yourself!

               Enlighten  Yourself!

Love your life…..Live your life…

                                               Birister Sharma
An inspirational poetry 

There are many things happen in life. Sometimes ups and sometimes downs. Sometimes it brings you smile. Sometimes it brings you tears. But life goes on. You’ve to move on while accepting everything. Because whatever going to happen is always happen. Nobody can’t stop it. But one thing you can do. That is you can enlighten yourself….

Love your life…there is a great power in love….

Live your life…..there is a great meaning in life……

Extract from the book

Power of Love

Love is powerful,
It's a source of life,
Without it nobody could live in this world.
It's only love that cement every relation of life,
Without it everything is just fake.
Love brings you all the shinning smile in your tearful eyes.
It converts the stone hearted soul
Into soft hearted soul.
Love is the haven of sweetness,
Gives you all the melodies of life.
Love makes your life beautiful;
Brings you all the joys of life.
Love makes your life colorful;
Turns your life into the world of beauty.
Love guides you close to godliness;
Love gives you the pure gift of virtues.
Love is the ointment of everything;
It heals every wound of your life.
Love is your armor of life
That always shields you from hatred.
It's the power of love
That brings every living creature to oneness.
Love doesn't mean that you only love someone very much
But its meaning is fellow feelings.
Never forget the charms of love in your life.
Never be the part of hatred;
It'll always give you sorrow.
Ever, be the part of love;
It'll always give you happiness.
If you've pure love in your heart,
Then only Almighty will bestow His blessings on you.
It's only love that shows you the path of righteousness.
Once you follow the path of love,
You'll get the true worth of your life.

Different colors of life

There are different colors in our life,
Which comes one after another.
Some brings us the rainbows of happiness
Which are full of smiles.
Some brings us the shadows of sorrows
Which are full of tears.
But it depends on us
How we mingle ourselves in the best perspectives of life.
We all are like the painter.
The color palette is in our hands.
It depends on us
What and how we paint our life.
Whether we paint our life with bright colors
Or we paint our life with dark colors.
Whether we make our life alive
Or we make our life death.
The choices of colors are ours.
Everything is in our hands
Whether we turn our life beautiful;
Or we turn our life ugly.
Because the coloring brush is in our hands,
We all are painters of our life.

Sow a seeds of love

Sow a seeds of love
In your heart.
Its sprouting green seedlings
Ever give you a hope of love,
Nurture it,
Its growing stem
Ever give you a smile of love,
Look after it.
Its spreading branches
Ever give you a pleasure of love,
Watch it.
Its dancing green leaves
Ever give you a joy of love,
Feel it.
Its blooming beautiful flowers
Ever give you a fragrance of love,
Smell it.
Its bearing juicy fruits
Ever give you a treasure of love,
Taste it.
Sow a seeds of love
In your heart.
It'll ever give you eternal bliss.

Love is like a flower

Love is like a flower
That only blooms in our pure heart.
Its every color is the perspective of seven colors
That brings a smile of love on the face of every living being.
Its every drops of fragrance is the magical potion
That quench the thirst of all living being.
Love is a flower that only blooms in the heart of pure soul.
Whenever it blooms in our heart,
It makes us divine,
And leads us to the path of heaven.
With the garland of love,
We can worship.
With the bond of love,
We can please our heavenly Lordship.
It makes our heart pious.
It makes our life precious.
Our life becomes beautiful.
World becomes wonderful.
Everything becomes awesome.
Everything starts blossom.

Make Your Life Pure

When you make your heart, mind and soul pure,
You’ll become a true devotee of Almighty God.
And you’ll deserve His blessings.
Your life will become pure;
Your world will become pure.
You can give love;
You can get love.
You can make friends;
You can make this world the most beautiful place.
You can live a life of happiness;
You can live a life of honesty;
You can live a life of prosperity;
You can live a life of unity.
Everybody will be yours;
Everything will be yours.
You will never feel alone,
The whole world will come along with you.
So, make your life pure,
Make your world pure.
Because, where there is purity
There is divinity.

Our life is bonded with relation

Life begins with relation;
Relation begins with life.
Both life and relation are bonded with each other.
It’s the truth of life.
It’s like a body and soul,
It can’t be separated,
Like nobody can extract the shinning gold.
Where there is life; there is relation.
Where there is relation; there is life.
Relation is the breathe of life,
Without it life is impossible.
Relation is a soul of life,
Without it life is death.
Both are sailing on the same boat,
Having same route.
A ring without its gem is worthless,
Like a life without relation is lifeless.
A true relation can’t be maintained,
Because it maintains itself.
Like blood and veins maintained our life jacket.
Our life is bonded with relation,
It’s a part of our life,
Which always remain united.
Even few relation of life remains eternal after their demise.

Love is Prayer

Love is prayer,
It enriches when we share.
Love is divine worship,
It mends the bond of friendship.
Love is devotion,
That changes our life's notion.
Love is pious,
It binds us.
Love is the only medicine,
That cures all our sins.
Love is the language of our heart,
That brings one heart to another heart.
Nobody can live without it,
Love is the greatest feat.
Love cools down the fire of hatred,
And brings us the rain of sacred.
Love clears our heart and soul,
And build our house in the blissful world.

God has given us one Heart

God has given us two eyes
To see everything with equal vision to all His creation.

God has given us two ears
To hear the heavenly voice of His creation.

God has given us one nose
To smell the sweet fragrance of His creation.

God has given us one mouth
To speak the wisdom of His creation.

God has given us one tongue
To taste the purity of His creation.

God has given us two hands
To serve the lives of all His creation.

God has given us two legs
To walk the righteous path towards His creation.

God has given us one mind
To think the knowledge of His creation.

God has given us one heart
To give love to all His creation.

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