Thursday, 1 December 2016

Self-Help: Subtract the wrong things

If you want to change your life and your world, then you must have to subtract the wrong things from your life. Otherwise, these wrong things will not only spoil your life, but also hamper your beautiful world. These wrong things are like untreated old wounds. They are going to kill you every time. And make your life like a burning hell.

Now, what are these wrong things that would create hindrance on your path of beautiful life; these wrong things are nothing but your own wrong conceptions about life like your weak points; your low thinking; your downgraded self-esteem; your subdued self-confidence; and your negativity.

Let’s take self-affirm these following five sentences:

                                    I am very weak.
                                    I’ve very low spirit.
                                    I’ve very low self-esteem.
                                    I’ve very low self-confidence.
                                    I’ve very low energy.

Now, how do you feel?
Are you feeling weak or strong?
Close your eyes for a second before you answer yourself.

Replace the above five sentences:

                                   I am very strong.
                                    I’ve very high spirit.
                                    I’ve very high self-esteem.
                                    I’ve very high self-confidence.
                                    I’ve very strong energy.

Now, how do you feel?
Are you feeling weak or strong?
Again, close your eyes for a second before you answer yourself.

You have to subtract these things from your life one by one, day by day. Every day. And replace with strong points, high thinking, strong self-esteem, self-confidence and positive in your life. Then you will see your life back on its original track. And your immovable train of life will once again start whistling and travelling to its final destiny.
These wrong things are actually your self-created or in other words, self-intimidated things which start hunting you every time even you’re not in reality. 

Have you seen a ghost? No! But, you’re afraid of a ghost. These wrong things are like a ghost. Before it starts hunting you, hunt it down, and free your mind, body and soul.  

Always keep in your mind that as you think as you become. If you think you’re very weak, sooner or later you too become very weak. If you think you’re very strong, sooner or later you too become very strong. Because your mind, body and soul are inter-connected.

These wrong things are like the germs or micro-organisms. Now, how these germs or micro-organisms attack our body. When the immunity system of our body becomes weak, then these germs or micro-organisms attack us automatically, and make us sick. And until a strong dose of antibiotic medicine wouldn’t inject in our body, they wouldn’t ready to leave our body. 

In the similar way, if you have a low morale or weakness in your mind, then anybody can attack you with negative things, because you will always find the negative people around you, who are always trying to corrupt your fertile mind with their negative energies. 

And its outcome is that when anyone starts calling you weak or low, unknowingly you start believing their words. Then what, you too feel yourself weak and low, even though you’re not. 

Whenever such things would happen with you, don’t carried away with their negative words, but counter attack them strongly, retaliate like a brave soldier. Counter attack their negative energies with your strong and powerful positive energies.

Self-affirm yourself every day:

I am not weak.
I am not low.
I am very strong.
I am very-very strong.
I have strong self-believed.
I have strong self-esteem.
I have strong self-confidence.
I have strong positive energy.
I have high spirit.
I have high ambition.

These wrong things are like the dark and thick layers which attach with your mind, body and soul, and every time it tries to block your life energy, and makes you feeble and tries to throttle you.
Until and unless you wouldn’t kick them out or crackdown from your life, they will time and again attack you, and make you weak and helpless, and you wouldn’t do anything right in your life. And you will always find yourself lacking behind in your life. 

If you want successful career and happy life in your life, then don’t wait for a second, kick off these wrong things from your life right way.
Never live your life in the mediocrity of these self-created notions or illusions so called wrong things. Subtract these wrong things the moment you figure it out. Otherwise, these wrong things will start polluting your beautiful life forever.

If you keep these wrong things in your life; you will never reach anywhere in your life. They will always push your life into a deep ditch, and you will never come out from it, no matter how much you try later on.
Once these wrong things start dwelling in your life, they will arrest you forever, and throw you into the dark cell, where you will weep alone, and die alone. Nobody will hear your cries and yells. You will never rescue yourself from that dark world. 

So, never allow these wrong things to enter in your life no matter whatsoever happens. Build a strong wall of self-believe, self-esteem, self-confidence and positive energy around you against these foreign intruders, and defeat it with your all might.

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                                                            '10 WAYS TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE AT ANY AGE!'



Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Self-Help: Change Your Life!

Change is the universal law. It is the nature of this earth and this world. You’ve to change yourself. You’ve to change yourself the way your life wants or demands from you. If you wouldn’t change yourself with time, then time will destroy you. You wouldn’t survive in this world until and unless you wouldn’t change yourself. We all are bound to change ourselves in life. 

Change doesn’t mean to destroy or finish yourself utterly, but to transform yourself according to your need. If you see around your surroundings, you will always find changing in everything with time whether it is a small pitcher plant or a big mango tree, you will always find changing.

There is a great beauty in your change. Is it not true that you always change your dress after wearing two or three days, then how do you feel yourself? You just take off your old and dirty clothes, and in its place you put on your new and neat and tidy clothes. It is also implied the same in your life. You wouldn’t live your life forever in your old thoughts, ideas and faiths. You’ve to change as per your needs. You’ve to adjust yourself with the outlooks of this world, and accordingly you’ve to transform yourself in your new appearance. This is the true law of this world. Then, only you’ll achieve happiness, success, and peace in your life.

You need to change your mind.

You need to change your thoughts.

You need to change your ideas.

You need to change your belief.

You need to change your outlooks.

You need to change your attitudes.

You’ve to change from good to better, and better to best. But not to good to bad; not to better to worse. You’ve to change from worst to best. You’ve to change from failure to successful. You’ve to change from loser to winner. 

If you want to survive in this world, then you’ve to change yourself according to time, place and need.


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