Saturday, 12 November 2016

Winners always try again and again!


It is always not possible to accomplish anything in the first attempt for everyone. It is impossible. Nobody becomes a master in one day. Nobody becomes a winner in one game. Nobody can do anything in one single move. To become a master of something one has to try again and again. To become a winner in every game, one has to try again and again. 

                    You can’t break a hard stone in your first strike. But you’ve to strike it numerous times and strike it again and again. Then you will see at one time, it will break into thousands of pieces in one of the final strikes of yours.

                    Once upon in an ancient time, a boy named Vadaraj was sent to gurukul (school in ancient time) to get an education. He belonged to a rich family. His father was one of the richest men in his place.
Vadaraj was not interested in his studies. Even he didn’t know himself what his likes were and what his dislikes were. He was not only weak in his studies but also weak in everything. He couldn’t remember his lesson. So he failed in his every exam. 

Vadaraj studied in the same class for many years. His classmates have completed their educations and returned home. But he was studying in the same class where he was first admitted. His gurus were very upset and disappointed with him. They tried every possible means to teach him well. However, he couldn’t read and couldn’t write.

             Then one day his gurus called him and asked him to return home. Vadaraj didn’t speak anything. He silently bowed down his head and headed to home. 

He walked slowly and slowly. He saw darkness in his life. He didn’t understand what he would do. He didn’t know how he could return home. He didn’t know what he would reply when his father asks him. There was complete darkness engulfed in front of his eyes. He halted his footsteps. He was feeling very hungry and thirsty. His guru had given him some food stuff to eat on the way. He stopped at the well in the roadside to quench his thirst. When he tried to draw the water from the well, he saw a deep mark on the hard concrete wall of a well by the rope due to a regular drawing of water. All of a sudden his mind hit with a brilliant thought. His mind asked him that if a small rope could make a deep mark on the hard concrete wall of a well then why not he would learn his lesson while trying continuously.
Vadaraj’s mind was changed. He was no lazier in his move. He didn’t return to his home. But he returned to his gurukul with determining mind. When his gurus saw him returning, they were very surprised. They asked him why he was returned. He told them everything. He promised them that he would study his lesson very well. His gurus agreed and allowed him to rejoin in the gurukul.
                 Vadaraj studied his lessons day and night. He didn’t waste his time on any other things. He worked very hard. Then he was no more weak in his studies. He understood his lessons very easily. He could read and write his lessons. Gradually, he became one of the brilliant students in the gurukul. He passed his every exam with flying colors and completed his education.

Later, when he grew up, Vadaraj became one of the greatest scholars in the Sanskrit language.

Always remember:

Winners always try again and again.


Extracted from the book 'YOU TOO WIN!'

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